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Montrose Riser Recliner Chair

with Zero Gravity, High Leg Lift Therapy

Elevate your well-being with the Montrose Riser Recliner

The Montrose Riser Recliner Chair, where comfort meets cutting-edge technology. Immerse yourself in the Zero Gravity, high leg lift recline position, where every ounce of stress and tension effortlessly melts away.

This innovative feature cradles your body in a neutral position, evenly distributing your weight and reducing pressure on your spine. The result? Improved blood circulation, alleviated joint pain, and a remarkable reduction in leg and feet swelling. Our dual motor tilt-in-space frame ensures optimal spinal alignment, while the seat cushion provides tailored comfort, reducing discomfort from extended sitting. Luxuriosly handcrafted in Britain, the Montrose Riser Recliner is more than a chair – it’s a path to ultimate relaxation and improved health.

Available with a sumptuous waterfall back, the elegant and stylish split back or the luxurious chester back, all providing pure comfort and unsurpassed lumbar support.

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Montrose Riser Recliner Premium Benefits

 Dual Motor, Tilt in Space Frame

Our Dual Motor, Tilt in Space frame takes your comfort to the next level. This exceptional frame provides a range of sitting and recline positions, allowing you to effortlessly find the perfect angle for your comfort. It provides the ability to independently adjust the back of the chair and the leg rest, giving an unmatched range of resting positions tailored to your unique preferences.

But there’s more to our Dual Motor, Tilt in Space frame – it’s not just about relaxation. The additional rise movements it offers provide invaluable assistance when you need a little extra help to stand and walk away comfortably from your chair. It’s about enhancing not only your comfort but also your mobility and independence.

Experience the Dual Motor, Tilt in Space frame and discover a world of comfort, versatility, and support like never before.

Zero Gravity Recline – High Leg Lift

By reclining in the Zero Gravity, high leg lift position, your body benefits from improved blood circulation as your heart operates more efficiently, reducing swelling and pain in the legs. Additionally, this position alleviates the pressure on your lower back, allowing for relaxation and relief from inflammation. The Zero Gravity position can also enhance lung function by expanding lung capacity, boosting oxygen levels, and increasing overall energy levels. NHS Occupational Therapists agree that the zero gravity, high leg lift position, as provided by the Montrose Riser Recliner is the healthiest way to sit.

Key Product Features

  • Dual motor, independently adjustable back recline and leg lift
  • Tilt in Space, the angles of the hips, knees and ankles are maintained when the chair moves
  • Zero gravity, high leg lift ensures even distribution of body weight
  • Choice of seat cushions for optimal comfort
  • More than 100 fabric choices
  • Choose from 3 styles of back cushion
  • Available in 7 sizes enabling you to sit naturally in a more comfortable, supportive posture
  • Enhanced battery back up in case of a power cut
  • Optional 5 Year Comprehensive Care Plan, ask for more details
  • Express 5 Day Delivery on selected fabrics

To arrange your no obligation, free consultation and to experience the Montrose riser recliner please ENQUIRE NOW