Top 10 Adjustable Bed Health and Wellness Benefits

BurtonSometimes when we think of an adjustable bed the first thing that comes to mind is a hospital bed. While it is true that there are medical benefits to an adjustable bed such as to relieve pain and improve comfort it might surprise you to find out that there are also many wellness and lifestyle advantages to owning an adjustable bed.

You might be perfectly healthy and think you don’t need and adjustable bed but it may surprise you to learn about some of the many benefits they can provide.

1. Improve Comfort and Quality of Sleep

Ever have trouble getting to sleep at night? Do you sometimes find it hard to find a comfortable position to lie in? An adjustable bed offers you one of the best ways to get a great night’s sleep. Allowing independent adjustment of your mattress provides support in key areas of your body including back, neck and legs. With an adjustable bed you can adjust to an infinite number of positions so you can always find your perfect sleeping position.

An adjustable bed can also offer the right support when just sitting in bed whether you are watching TV, reading a book, or even enjoying breakfast in bed.

2. Relieve Back Pain

The most commonly understood advantage to using an adjustable bed is to reduce back pain. If there is too much pressure on one part of your body or the spine is not properly aligned at night you will likely wake up with lower back pain.

Raising your head and foot slightly provides complete support for the neck and spine and alleviates pressure on the sciatic nerve. Having the head raised also relieves compression of the spine reducing pain of the lower back and neck ache. Painful conditions like sciatica, which is a result of the sciatic nerve being trapped in the base of the spine, can be improved.

3. Enhance Circulation

Poor circulation is bad for your heart, legs and can cause major fatigue. Having your feet raised will aid the return of blood back to the heart, improving the body’s overall circulation. Keeping your body’s circulation working throughout the night will also allow for a better quality of sleep.

Through the use of an adjustable bed you can fine tune your sleeping position to reduce pressure and encourage blood flow to the heart and around the body. For those with a specific circulatory problem an adjustable bed allows you to sleep in a recommended position to enhance blood and oxygen flow.

4. Reduce Swelling in the Legs and Feet

Many people are affected with leg swelling. From people affected by a specific illness, pregnant women or someone with and injured leg or foot. Lying in a flat position allows for fluid to gather in one place causing increased swelling and inflammation, leading to sleepless nights due to increased pain and agony upon waking and taking the first steps of the day.

If you suffer from this type of swelling you have probably been told to sit or sleep with your feet raised to reduce the swelling and its unwelcome effects. An adjustable bed allows for the legs to be raised to a comfortable position at the touch of a button, easing swelling and promoting good health.

Having your feet raised at night can also help those who have a job where they are standing on their feet for most of the day. Common issues such as varicose veins can be prevented by an adjustable bed.

5. Relieve Arthritis and Joint Pain

For sufferers of painful conditions like chronic arthritis, the relief an adjustable bed can offer can be invaluable. The healing qualities of a good night’s sleep can be key for people that endure these kinds of conditions. Adjusting your sleeping position so that the mattress distributes your weight evenly, easing aching and stiff joints and allowing for a more comfortable sleep.

An adjustable bed can also be used to help with joint stiffness in the morning. You can use the remote control to position the feet flat and bring the back up to a sitting position to help you to rise and stand up out of bed easily.

6. Prevent Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

Snoring is caused by the neck putting weight on the windpipe when you lie flat in bed, the extra weight causes the windpipe to close and make the snoring noise. Doctors will often suggest to people with snoring problems or sleep apnoea to keep the head elevated at night but simply using extra pillows can cause new problems like neck ache and an uncomfortable night sleep. With an adjustable bed you can lift the head slightly, taking the weight off the windpipe, while keeping the neck and spine straight.

Lifting the head can also be beneficial even if you do not have any breathing disorder. This position opens the airways, improving airflow and allowing you to breathe easier. If you ever suffer from allergies or have a head cold lifting the head will relieve pressure off the sinuses.

7. Alleviate Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Acid reflux or heartburn can often strike when we get into bed ready for a good night sleep, especially if like me you just can’t resist a little late night snack before bed. When you lay on a flat surface you stomach acids can move up to the oesophagus which causes the uncomfortable symptoms commonly associated with heartburn and acid reflux.

With an adjustable bed you can rid yourself of at least some of your nightly heartburn. Just a slight incline of a few inches can prevent stomach acid from moving into the throat. This allows for a better sleep and can also help with digestion.

8. Improve Digestion

As we touched on previously, another bonus to sleeping at an angle is improved digestion. As you sleep your body is still hard at work digesting any food you ate during the day, this process can actually be interrupted when you are lying flat. Using your adjustable bed to raise the head elevates the stomach above the intestines promotes the smooth running of the digestive tract. This encourages a better quality of sleep and a healthier waking in the morning.

9. Ease Difficulty Sleeping and Insomnia

Whether caused by pain or simply an anxious mind, people with insomnia will try anything to get a good night sleep. The flexibility an adjustable bed offers you means you can choose your optimal sleeping position for a better sleep experience. Achieving the perfect sleep position can improve circulation of oxygen and blood around the body and encourage your body to relax making falling asleep easier.

10. Support Independence

For people who have problems with mobility, whether that is due to age or disability stemming from illness or accident, an adjustable bed can help you getting in and out of bed on your own. If you sometimes struggle to raise yourself into a sitting position so you can get your feet on the floor you can let your adjustable bed do the work for you. Lift the head of the bed fully upright then simply swing your legs out over the side so you are sat on the edge of the bed. You can also then lift the foot end of the bed slightly to help lift you up a few extra inches to make standing much easier.


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