How To Choose a Massage Chair


Buying a luxury massage chair can be a big commitment, and trying as many different brands and models can be the best way to find the massage chair that fits your wants and needs. Below we will give you our best tips on how to try out different massage chairs and pick the right model for you.

Trying the Chairs

The first thing to look at when you first try a new chair is the remote, does it look easy to use or quite complex. Some massage chairs will offer an extensive list of functions and buttons to press but the whole point of a massage chair is to create a relaxing environment. You don’t want to have the stress of which massage programme to choose when many of them will be performing similar or even the same function.

You also want your massage chair to be comfortable. Does the chair recline to the right angle for you? How many recline positions can the chair achieve? You want a chair that you can lie back in and relax but also sometimes you may just want to sit with your feet up and read a book while the chair gives you a shoulder & neck massage or a lower back massage.

Test the Massage Programmes

When trying out a massage chair a few minutes is simply not enough to determine if the chair is right for you. A typical massage chair programme is 10 to 15 minutes long and you will want to try 2 or 3 programmes before making your decision. Does the back rollers reach the right places? Is the massage as firm or as soft as you would like it? And if not, are you able to increase or decrease the intensity?

Speak to the Sales Staff

Each brand and model is different in its own unique way so ask the staff to explain any special features. Explain your reasons for buying the chair so they can suggest which massage chair might best suit your needs, for example are you buying the chair for relief of a specific ongoing issue or simply as a space to unwind and have a little personal time?

Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff is usually an indication of the quality and reliability of the brand(s) that each retailer offers. Do they explain the massage functions of the chair and explain the benefits to you?

How to Choose a Massage Chair Online

What if you cant get out to try a massage chair in person? With the ongoing pandemic and the country in yet another lockdown getting out to a showroom or event may not be possible. The good news is that buying online isn’t a risk, at least not with Restmore.

If you are going to shop for a massage chair online we suggest that you:

  1. Find a reputable retailer that carries well known global brands so that you know there is backing that you can rely on.
  2. Read online reviews to gain a better understanding of the level of service you can expect from a retailer
  3. Look at the warranty offered, this will show you the level of confidence a company has in the brands it offers.

If you are having trouble picking the right massage chair for you, turn to Restmore. Call, email or simply use our online chat function. We are happy to provide impartial expert advice using our experience of 20 years dealing with some of the biggest and best names in the massage chair industry including Inada, Panasonic, OHCO and Positive Posture to name but a few and we are always happy to share our expertise.

If, in the end, you do make the decision to purchase a massage chair from Restmore we offer a free white glove delivery service. This means we deliver and install the chair to your home and into the room you choose. Our money saving sales and finance options also make buying a massage chair more affordable. So whether you visit us at one of our many live events, visit our West Midlands showroom or simply purchase a chair from the comfort of your own home you will be glad you picked Restmore. Contact us for more information today!