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Nearly 80 years ago, with the growing popularity of alternative medicine in the world in general, the Western World saw an uptake of alternative medicine, particular those originating in Japan and China. Nowadays, many people in the Western World are increasingly turning to alternative medicine and using it to manage and treat a whole range of conditions. This has led to a lot more trust being placed in the effectiveness of these techniques.

Further to this, more and more patients are turning to alternative medicine and alternative therapies because they have lost confidence that traditional Western medicine can help them with their treatment. This has a lot to do with Western medicine relying on prescribing limited and specific solutions, rather than proposing a holistic solution to the problem. In the West, if you have pain in your back, it is standard protocol to prescribe a drug to address that pain. However, in general, alternative medicine, especially Shiatsu, looks to find the entire problem. As in, what is really causing the pain in your back? Is it just a twisted muscle or do you have a serious problem of muscle inflammation throughout your body?


Shiatsu Massage: its history and methods

Shiatsu massage is a tactile treatment originating from Japan and is the integration between the organic and the psychological. Practitioners of Shiatsu Massage believe that the body has different energy channels that are not visible but affect the internal organs of each individual.

For example, when a person suffers from a certain disease or pain, he is practically obstructed in one of the sources of energy channels in the body. This blockage leads to certain symptoms, such as pressure or pain. Therapy is done by stimulating the body after the patient undergoes a diagnosis and determination of the location of the blockage in his or her energy sources. 

Diagnosis is done through a personal interview, in addition to touch and sight. Then, when the source of stimulation is determined, the therapist begins to perform a series of compression, stretching operations in the patient's body so that he can overcome the blockage.


Facing your problems through massage

From this method we allow the patient to face many different problems in the spine, digestive system, problems in the nerves, problems in head pain and many others. Contrary to the traditional approach, as in other areas of alternative medicine, Shiatsu therapists believe that there is a close relationship between what the body feels and what it feels like.

Therefore, one must be treated until the other feels better. Also, as in other areas of alternative medicine, Shiatsu therapists believe that the problem should be addressed in a holistic manner, not just symptomatic treatment.

It is also important to know that every site in the body feels pain, in which for different patients it has a certain meaning, which may be psychological, and is more extensive and meaningful than just a simple physical pain.

Patients turn to this treatment only when they feel pain throughout the body, while others go to it even without feeling any pain, in order to treat the body and achieve complete results for both the body and the soul.


A Shiatsu master in your own home

The design of all of our massage chairs has been personally overseen by a Shiatsu Sensei with years of indispensable knowledge of how to realign your body for optimal health. Every piece of the massage chair has been designed to allow you to rapidly benefit from the incredible effects of Shiatsu massage, all whilst relaxing in your own home. Exquisitely designed and flawlessly executed, this is an investment in your health worth making.


By Gavin Eke-Hughes