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iStock 1053758440Anyone can sell on features. Heck, all massage chairs are a collection of mechanical and electrical parts. They all have a mechanism, a massage track (typically S-track or L-track), air pumps, actuators, solenoids, and on and on and on.... Motors, rollers, footrests, lights, maybe a USB port, air ionizers or speakers. They all have programs controlled by a remote.

But comparing lists of features does not tell the whole story. (In fact, you will put most customers to sleep regurgitating a long and irrelevant list of features.)

BurtonSometimes when we think of an adjustable bed the first thing that comes to mind is a hospital bed. While it is true that there are medical benefits to an adjustable bed such as to relieve pain and improve comfort it might surprise you to find out that there are also many wellness and lifestyle advantages to owning an adjustable bed.

You might be perfectly healthy and think you don’t need and adjustable bed but it may surprise you to learn about some of the many benefits they can provide.


Buying a luxury massage chair can be a big commitment, and trying as many different brands and models can be the best way to find the massage chair that fits your wants and needs. Below we will give you our best tips on how to try out different massage chairs and pick the right model for you.

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Apart from just being a relaxing environment. The benefits of a massage chair are that it can also play a primary role in treating several conditions as well as improve blood circulation, mental health, and physical well-being.

While hiring a massage therapist or going to a spa for a personalised massage session sounds like a fantastic way to achieve this. Most people do not have the time, money, or the inclination to get a massage every month. Let alone, every day.

Hence, the option for the rest of us is to buy a massage chair to replace the human touch. Affording yourself an amazing professional massage, which is enjoyable, therapeutic and available whenever you need.

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Nearly 80 years ago, with the growing popularity of alternative medicine in the world in general, the Western World saw an uptake of alternative medicine, particular those originating in Japan and China. Nowadays, many people in the Western World are increasingly turning to alternative medicine and using it to manage and treat a whole range of conditions. This has led to a lot more trust being placed in the effectiveness of these techniques.