Memory Therapy

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  • Memory Therapy Adjustable Bed
  • Memory Therapy Adjustable Bed
  • Memory Therapy Adjustable Bed
  • Memory Therapy Adjustable Bed
  • Memory Therapy Adjustable Bed
  • Memory Therapy



Pure Motion Adjustable Bed with Memory Therapy Mattress

Pure Motion Adjustable Bed

The Restmore Pure Motion adjustable bed is available as either a deep divan style base or as a shallow base option and features a five-part action with individual neck, back, lumbar, upper and lower legs section. The sophisticated Pure Motion adjustable action contains 28 sprung wood slats reacting automatically to body shape and weight, for further support the action comes with adjustable torsion slats in the centre that can increase or decrease the firmness as required.

All Restmore Pure Motion adjustable beds can be upgraded to include massage which is connected to the five-part action and has 15 plus different combinations. The massage units are operated using a wireless infrared remote control which also operates the five-part adjustable action so that every aspect of your Pure Motion adjustable bed can be controlled with one convenient remote.

Comes with a matching headboard with six styles to choose from. Glides are supplied as standard on all Restmore Motion adjustable beds however metal shepherds castors are available at no extra cost.

Memory Therapy

A comfort mattress specially designed to assist with recovery and rejuvenation through sleep.

The Memory Therapy mattress features a quality multi-zoned foam layer which is castellated to create air channels, this allows warmer air to be replaced by cooler air as your body turns and moves during the night and helps to maintain a constant body temperature. The castellated foam is also zoned to provide support where it is most needed. The Memory Therapy also features 1000 micro pocket which further aids recovery and adds additional support whilst in bed. Finally the mattress is topped with Blu Cool memory foam to give an inviting cool feel to the mattress.


  • Five-part adjustable actionRestmore Memory Therapy
  • Upgrade to include massage units
  • Castellated foam unit
  • With 1000 pocket springs
  • Blu Cool comfort layer
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial fabric cover
  • Supplied on glides or metal castors
  • Soft closing drawers available as an optional extra
  • Choose from a wide range of fabrics and colours


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